Collection: Flat Caps

The flat cap, also known as a Scally cap, or Cheesecutteris a rounded shallow cap with a small stiff brim at the front. There are some slightly different variations of the cap, including a deeper ‘fashion’ style, Riding Cap, Driving Cap (with fold down ear warmers).The ‘Golf Cap’ is more similar in form to the Bond Cap, made famous in pictures of Bertie Wooster, the definitive plus-four wearer. While the shape of all of these caps is recognisable, the subtle differences are primarily the lengthof coverage at the back of the cap, the width and depth of the head and the length of the peak. Fashionable at the moment are the Long-Peaked Flat Cap, better known as a Shooting Cap or ‘Shooter’ which is narrower on the head with a deeper fitting back and broad peak for shooting into the sun.