In 2009 Zofia founded the company in London and shortly after, Alex joined the team as our principal hat maker. Shortly after Laird Hatters opened its first shop with ready-to-wear headwear in London in the same year. Fast forward to today and we have 4 stores in Central London, one in Cambridge, and most recently another in Oxford. Our creative team is also involved regularly in high fashion collaborations with British designers and our headwear features in London Fashion Week and London Collections: Men. We also make bespoke headwear projects for clients, as well as for TV shows and film.

At Laird, we hand make hats and caps of distinction for both men and women, and are passionate about sourcing the best British cloths, and supporting British textile manufacturing. A Laird hat evokes a rich English and Scottish heritage, with a modern nuance. The great fabric finishes and rich colour palettes make our headwear stand out, as well as the wonderful craftsmanship. Our look is slick, with strong lines, deep colours and bold statements.

Our aim is always to give our clients a wonderful, stylish product, but also great service in our shops or online: friendly, personal, prompt and informative. Laird Hatters is here to make you look and feel great!

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