Respecting our great British heritage in our designs is paramount. From the fabulous loved shapes we revisit and give a contemporary edge, to the provenance of the cloth. Laird continues to work with some wonderful textile mills, manufacturers and artisan workshops, producing wools, moleskin, corduroy and cottons, linens, denim etc. as well as finishings, such as ribbons and silk printing, and hidden basic components.

Wool is a very British material – an historic cloth – so intrinsic to our isles over the centuries. Protected and championed by Campaign for Wool, which King Charles III was patron of for so long. Wool is used very extensively over our Autumn Winter range as tweed, or solid colour and different quality finishes. The attributes of wool are immeasurable: natural, renewable, biodegradable, insulating, breathable, resilient, cross-seasonal, easy care odour resistant and local!

Hat and cap design shapes have developed over the centuries and many we still wear today are close in style to the Victorian era, the 1920’s and the 1940’s – all style pinnacles. At Laird we take the favourites and give them our slicker, modern touch with vibrant lush colour palette in the best materials and finishes.
Hat and cap making is a ‘slow fashion’ – a craft made with love and skill. Laird Hatters is a member of the UKFT to support fellow British manufacturers primarily.